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Kaleidoscope: The Cortical Visual Impairment Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

When Alisha Waugh and her husband learned that their son Griffen (10) has a cortical visual impairment (CVI), they committed to improving his functional vision above all else – and with stellar results.

Alisha puts her Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement to work each and every day for Griffen. She is also serving other kids with CVI and their families through her consultancy Fundamentals First.


Griffen Waugh

In this episode:

  • Common behaviors seen in children with CVI.
  • Fundamental tools and accommodations needed to access the school curriculum.
  • Steps toward reading fluency.
  • Supporting your child’s social and emotional well-being.
  • A provider’s perspective on best practices for kids with CVI.

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